Tips for Preparing for your Engagement Session

First off, congratulations! I assume that if you've clicked this link, you're looking for information on how to prepare for your upcoming engagement session. I am a big fan of photographing couples for a number of reasons. I love creating beautiful and romantic photos of two people in love. Engagement sessions are also a great way to get to know your photographer before your big day, which means one less thing to stress about on your actual wedding day. There are so many ways you can bring out your personality during your photo shoot, whether it be through your outfit, special props or location. Scroll down to see a few quick tips that will help you prepare for your engagement session. 

  • Choose a Location
    Pick a location (or two) that has a special meaning to either you or your significant other. Choosing a location that is meaningful to you will add impact to your engagement photos. If you have an idea, I'd love to hear what you have in mind. If you're not sure where you'd like to do the session, I can offer some suggestions. I am a big fan of farms and scenic locations, such as those near water falls. 
  • Dress Comfortably
    Don't feel that you have to dress in a certain way. If you're not comfortable, it'll show in the end results.
  • Bring Two Outfits
    I always recommend bringing two outfits to your engagement session; one being more casual and the other being dressier. That way we can change up the look halfway through the session.
  • Try to Colour Coordinate
    Choose two or three main colours that will compliment eachother and fill in the gaps with whites, greys and blacks. Try to avoid colours that will wash you out. 
  • Avoid Short Sleeve Shirts
    Long sleeve shirts (or shirts that go at least to the elbow) are preferred, as short sleeve shirts can be distracting. 
  • Layer it up
    Adding layers works great to add depth and dimension to your final images.
  • Avoid Logos and Keep it Simple
    I cannot emphasize this one enough. Choose clothes that are plain in colour and don't have distracting patterns on them, otherwise the attention will be drawn towards the clothes.
  • Accessorize
    Accessories are fun and can add personality to your photos. Think jewelry, scarves, belts, hats and shoes. Just don't overdo it!
  • Keep it Clean
    It's never a bad idea to bring a backup outfit. Make sure your clothes are washed and stain-free. Bringing along a lint roller is also a good idea. 
  • Get a Professional Hair and Make-Up Artist
    This isn't a must, but it is definitely recommended as it'll make you feel that much more confident in front of the camera. If you have a hair and make-up artist booked for your wedding day, this is also a good time to do a trial run. 
  • Bring Props
    Some couples choose to bring props while others don't. It's up to you. Some ideas are flowers, balloons, chalkboard/chalk, food (such as mugs filled with hot chocolate on a cold day) and love letters. Some couples choose to do an activity on the day of their engagement session, such as bowling, horseback riding or canoeing. 
  • Take Care of Yourself
    Drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated in the days leading up to your photo shoot. Try to avoid getting too much sun exposure to lessen the chance of having a sunburn or raccoon eyes. Get lots of rest the night before your engagement session.

Most clients are a little bit nervous about being in front of the camera. That is okay and is perfectly normal. Do your best to act natural, be your normal selves, dress comfortably and let your confidence shine through in your final images!